Ultrasonic piezo-electric scaler set.
This set is meant for built-in application and comprises:
- TITANUS-E piezo-electric handpiece (complete with three inserts, EMS-compatible)
- DYNO dynamometric wrench
- USC60 electronic control board
- Silicone hose (available in grey or brown colour)
The titanium transducer of the handpiece produces high reliability and greater power efficiency. Generated mechanical vibrations are absolutely linear and longitudinal.
The sophisticated USC60 electronic control board allows to automatically adjust operating frequency of scaler vibrations to the real resonance load.
This board can optionally directly drive a DC solenoid valve and output power can be adjusted by an external 0-:-5 Vdc signal.
Once wired to the USC60 board, scaler and inserts are galvanically insulated (3000 V insulation), thereby ensuring absolute patient's safety.
(EMS is a registered trademark of Electro Medical Systems SA)

- With grey silicone hose (REF 400.93)
- With brown silicone hose (REF 400.97)

Technical Sheet

  • Sterilization In autoclave at 134 °C / 2 bar.
  • Compliance ISO 22374, CEI EN 60601-1
  • Weight 45 g
  • Frequency 27 ÷ 31 KHz
  • Supply Voltage 32 Vdc o 24 Vac