Pneumatic scaler for fast and simple tartar removal. The instrument can be used on any unit, in place of the turbine handpiece, without requiring any additional adjustment.
The scaler can be used for all prophylaxis procedures with the aid of the TKD inserts or the range of KaVo/Komet Inserts.
The power of vibrations can be adjusted with a rotating ring, making the prophilaxis more flexible and accurate.
The scaler comes complete with three different inserts.

- With 3-hole connection (REF 232.30)
- With 4-hole connection (REF 232.40)
- With Rapid connection (REF 232.52)

Technical Sheet

  • Supply Pressure 2.4 ÷ 3.0 bar
  • Max. Consumption 22 Nl/min
  • Sterilization In autoclave at 134 °C / 2 bar.
  • Compliance ISO 15606
  • Weight 65 g
  • Frequency 6000 ÷ 7000 Hz