High-efficiency brushless 3-phase electric micromotors for professional dental use.
Micromotors are equipped with a non-return device for spray water and can be employed with any straight or contra-angle handpiece with internal spray and connection compliant to ISO 3964 standard.
The DEFINITIVE LED model is equipped with a LED light source and can be used with any handpiece provided with fibre-optics.
The generated 25000-LUX daylight-quality illumination keeps perfectly stable in the whole speed range.
Micromotors do not absolutely require any lubrication.
Micromotors must be used together with the special BMC40 electronic board which has been designed to be easily installed in any dental unit with very simple wirings.
Micromotor comes with a 2-year guarantee.

- Without light (REF 600.00)
- With LED light (REF 602.00)

Technical Sheet

  • Speed 1000 ÷ 40000 RPM
  • Compliance ISO 14457, ISO 3964, CEI EN 60601-1, CEI EN 60601-1-2
  • Weight 88 g