Special version of the standard BRAVIA L high-speed Turbine, with additional elegant styling with handle made in solid titanium and special integral-structure robust high-precision ceramic ball bearings, which ensure superior high reliability and quietness .
TheTurbine can be used together with the KaVo MULTIflexLUX/GYROFLEX-L or the GYROFLEX-LED rapid Couplings.
If used together with the new GYROFLEX-LED Coupling, the turbine can immediately get advantage of the new LED technology which allows daylight quality illumination of the operating area and produces a superior uniform light pattern.

Other versions for use with NSK and Bien-Air connections are also available.

The turbine can be lubricated with oil or by means of the special supplied LubriONCE lubricator. Grease lubrication is the best way to ensure optimal performance of the turbine, ease of application and low-cost maintenance.

- BRAVIA XL: with fiber-optics and connection for KaVo MULTIflex/GYROFLEX-L(LED) rapid couplings (REF 162.02.01)
- BRAVIA XLN: with fiber-optics and connection for NSK PTL-CL rapid couplings (REF 162.04.01)
- BRAVIA XLS: with fiber-optics and connection for Sirona R/F rapid couplings (REF 162.06.01)
- BRAVIA XLB: with integrated LED and connection for Bien-Air Unifix couplings (REF 162.08.01)

(MULTIflex is a registered trade mark of Kaltenbach&Voigt & CO. GmbH).
(Unifix is a registered trade mark of Bien-Air Dental S.A.).

Technical Sheet

  • Speed 365000 rpm
  • Supply Pressure 2.8 ± 0.2 bar
  • Max. Consumption 43 Nl/min
  • Sterilization In autoclave at 134 °C / 2 bar.
  • Compliance EN ISO 14457, CEI EN 60601-1
  • Weight 39 g