Ball-bearing turbine with small-size head, elegant and ergonomic shape, single spray jet and increased power. The turbine is equipped with a safe push-button chuck and special robust ball bearings, which ensure extremely high reliability, even if the turbine is exposed to continuos autoclave cycles.
The turbine is available with highly efficient fiber-optics and must be used together with the GYROFLEX-L (LED) rapid couplings.
The GYROFLEX rapid couplings are fully compatible with the Multiflex ones (Multiflex is a registered trade mark of Kaltenbach&Voigt & CO. GmbH).
The turbine must be lubricated using the special supplied LubriONCE lubricator. Grease lubrication is the best way to ensure optimal performance of the turbine, ease of application and low-cost maintenance.

- With light and connection for GYROFLEX-L (LED) rapid coupling (REF 194.02)

Technical Sheet

  • Speed 390000 rpm
  • Supply Pressure 2.8 ± 0.2 bar
  • Max. Consumption 53 Nl/min
  • Sterilization In autoclave at 134 °C / 2 bar.
  • Compliance EN ISO 14457,
  • Weight 44 g