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TeKne Dental

The history of the company began in 1969 in a little workshop where, discreetly and with limited means, tests for the realization of a high-sophisticated product such as the high-speed turbine for dental use were carried out. When the design was successfully completed, the company moved to other premises, created the TKD trade mark and started a mass production of air-bearing turbines: this type of production remained unchanged for the following ten years.

The experience acquired by all the staff, conscious of producing high-level micro- mechanics, has thus permitted our company to develop a high technological know-how. Soon afterwards, the range of manufactured products broadened, either for the market requirements or for a logical company growth, remaining faithfully with the original idea of Production of dynamic instruments for dental use.

Particularly, a great deal of research and development has been carried out for the last electronic devices, such as the piezoelectric scaler ad the brushless electric micromotor. Today as yesterday, all components and accessories are being produced and assembled in our factory and we are therefore proud to state that all our products are 100 % MADE IN ITALY.

Nowadays TKD is the largest independent Italian manufacturer of dental handpieces and exports its products to many countries throughout the world.

In order to operate quickly and successfully, the company is organized in such a way that the majority of received orders can be carried out in only two days. Technical assistance and service on TKD products is assured by the company’s workshop and by authorized technicians, present in each country to which products are exported.

Finally, TKD has always been a member of UNIDI, the association of Italian manufacturers of dental products.

Simplifying dental motion

All the range of TKD handpieces has been recently revised and improved. Whether it is a high-speed turbine or a low-speed micromotor, its necessary pneumatic and electric connections have been simplified and reduced to a minimum. Efficiency and reliability have been increased. Balancing of low-speed and high-speed rotors are being carried out more accurately. Connection of any handpiece or rapid coupling to its supply silicone hose has been rendered smoother and simpler. Control of electric micromotors has been designed to be quite simple and extremely precise. Finally, maintenance of all handpieces has been made very simple or even, in a few cases, absolutely unnecessary. All this just help us pursue our object of Simplifying dental motion.

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