Pneumatic sonic vibrating instrument system

Sonosurgery® is an exclusively compressed air powered vibrating instrument system, hence totally free from all electrical elements.The absence of electromagnetic waves guarantees its use even in high risk patients, such as people with implantable pacemakers and defibrillators.



Manipolo pneumatico chirurgico


Sonosurgery®Air Power is a powerful pneumatic sonic handpiece

It is a sealed, suitable for surgical use, compatible with Multiflex ™ Sonosurgery®Steril coupling. Tapered tip, smooth elongated shape, for easier cleaning and sterilisation. It is adjustable on three levels of power through a rotating ring. It is designed exclusively for use in oral surgery. It’s airtight to prevent air leaks and avoid embolisms or emphysema.

The Sonosurgery®Air Power handpieces vibrates up to the maximum frequency of approximately 6 KHz, the required operating thrust is about 200 g., enough to enable inserts to work optimally, reducing friction and consequent development of heat, so as to minimize the risk of thermal damage to the bone.

Unlike conventional perforation, a small amount of axial thrust is required to advance the insert through the bone.




Patented air-powered unit for automatic control and steril irrigation of the Sonosurgery®Air Power sonic handpiece

Independent unit, it automatically provides sterile irrigation to inserts. It works exclusively with compressed air (no electricity), allows the control of all sonic vibrating hand-pieces. It is safe for people with implantable pacemaker and can work without risk in flammable gas environments (operating theatres).

The UNIT provides drive air through a detachable silicone hose with a quick coupling to the handpiece. It provides sterile liquid irrigation by a soft disposable bag. Irrigation liquid is pressed by the inflatable bag-press which is included in the UNIT. Unlike peristaltic pumps the irrigating liquid flow is constant and not intermittent. The maximum pressure of air and water may be fixed by using two different control knobs on the front panel. Values are displayed on the correspondent air gauges.

The 3D orbitting oscillations in Sonosurgery® Air Power’s are special, thus rendering all surfaces operational and not tip only. Infact, it is enough to push diamond inserts towards the desired lateral direction, as part of implant area preparation in order to obtain position or axis change in implant socket.




Quick coupling

Air-scaler handpieces are generally irrigated by non-sterile water coming from dental unit’s mesh, but the law says: “ In order to protect patients’ health in every invasive surgical procedures, it is legally imposed that only sterile solutions and sterile distribution circuits must be used in all cases”.

Exclusive Kavo (Multiflex ™) compatible quick coupling connecting sonic hand-pieces to air tubes in both Sonosurgery® UNIT or dental unit directly. It is supplied together with Sonosurgery® Unit, by means of a barbed hose nipple, allowing sterile liquid in external disposable bag to reach the hand-piece and inserts.

Sonosurgery® Steril automatically excludes mains water. However a system that enables the sterile liquid to be pushed up to the handpiece through the irrogation tubing is still missing. Sonosurgery® AIR SURGICAL UNIT effectively solves this problem.


Dynamometric wrench for fitting and locking inserts

The shape of the wrench is meant to host very angled and very long inserts with the possibility to screw-in and tighten them with appropriate torque and in total safety for the operator.




Vibrating sonic inserts suitable in all applications of oral surgery, from simple tooth extraction to the most advanced oral surgical techniques. Tailor-made for any operator, from the less experienced who can perform the simplest techniques in all safety, to the most experienced surgeons who can perform very complex and sophisticated surgical techniques. Appropriate for corticotomy, osteotomy, osteoplasty, root separation, bone particulate harvesting, incision, abrasion, and bone trap-door detachment; Schneider membrane elevation used in sinus-lift technique, access, cleavage and emptying of cysts, implant site preparation etc.

Osteotomies inserts: Micro-saw insert indications

All three micro-saw bone insert blades (registered model), are identical at any angulation. 10 mm total length established by 2 rows of teeth on both sides of blades, spaced 1 mm apart (see drawing). Micro-saws are a mere 0.20 mm in thickness from a maximum of 4 mm to 2.5 mm minimum in width, forming a triangular shape.

Sinus-lift inserts indication

Vibrating sonic inserts designed for lateral access sinus lift techniques. Both straight and angled diamond ball inserts for trap-door bone cutting or erosion removal. Trap-door bone straight insert (scraper), removal also by erosion while forming bone particulate. Trap-door disc insert detachment for Schneider membrane lifting.

Bone drilling: Implant site preparation Inserts

Increasing diameter 7 diamond angled shank insert series for implant site preparation: SIS01 1.6 mm; SIS02 2.1 mm; SIS03 2.5 mm; SIS04 2.9 mm; SIS05 3.3 mm; SIS06 3.7 mm; SIS07 4.0 mm. Indicated for implants preparation at every mouth position, regardless of both maxillary and mandibular, anterior or posterior area. Smallest from 1.7 mm diameter, to the largest of 4.0 mm diameter. Whole diamond abrasive surface insert 8 mm in length, laser-marked notched every 2 mm, easily identifiable at 10, 12, 14, and 16 mm, to monitor bone insert depth. Another feature is the ISO color code diameter recognition, present on the hexagon and numeral diameter measurement conveniently reported on the stem too.






REF 234.52

REF 316.40.08

Operating frequency

4500 ÷ 6000 Hz

Supply pressure

3.2 ÷ 4.0 bar


35 Nl/min





to 134 °C/2 bar

to 134 °C/2 bar


88 g

22 g


ISO 18397, ISO 10993-1, European Directives 93/42/CEE and 2077/47/CE

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